I know I said I would write about the Secret Film Festival

But I ended up sleeping though pieces most of the movies, so any review I do wouldn’t really be fair to any of the movies.

I will say this, Super was awesome. The parts of Troll Hunter that I saw were also awesome.


Stay Up All Night and Watch Movies, The American Dream

Tomorrow I’m going to the Secret Film Festival (SFF) at the Del Mar Theater. The festival isn’t actually secret, but the movies they play there are.

I’ve been to similar all night festivals, the “All Freaking Night” fest in Olympia, Washington being a standout, but SFF is way more interesting. The big difference is that the movies at SFF are all new Indy movies that have yet to make their Santa Cruz premiere. As opposed to All Freaking Night, which just played forgotten horror movies appreciated more for irony then good taste.

A standout from the first time I went to SFF was the British comedy horror masterpiece Severance. Which can basically be summed up as The Office meets Deliverance. It had  a brutal sense of humor that I really enjoyed. There was one part involving a bear trap being repeatedly clamping down on someone’s leg that I laughed so hard at that my squeamish friend whispered to me “Arthur it isn’t funny anymore,” but I just kept right on laughing. I know that makes me sound like a crazy person but believe me all the amputation was in good fun.

Not that there isn’t just shalky horror stuff at SFF, there are movies from very possible genre you could think of. Films that have premeared at SFF include The Darjeeling Limited, Lars and The Real Girl & The Squid and The Whale to Oldboy, Chocolate and Let The Right One In. So really you could end up seeing anything.

On Sunday I will have a fresh blog about which movies at the festival were my favorites and which ones I thought were forgettable.

If you are in Santa Cruz, drop by the SFF and we can talk about which movies are our favorites.